On the 7th October 2018, my life changed forever. My daughter was almost abducted right in front of my eyes.
Fortunately I saw the signs and potential dangers developing and managed to stop them. Sadly, thousands of people have not been so lucky ...

Child Safe's mission is to safeguard all children in the U.K from child abductors, sex offenders and paedophiles.



Initially we are raising awareness on child abduction and other crimes against children in the U.K.
Millions of people are unaware of the real dangers including where and how such incidents may take place. Together we must support and look out for one another, as we, the people of the U.K are the only ones who can put a stop to this.




What are the facts????

It is almost impossible to find facts on child abduction or attempted child abduction as many incidents are not reported to the police.
In recent years, there have been thousands of reported abductions to the police.
So how many are not reported?? Missing children and child abduction go hand in hand, with missing children on the rise making them vulnerable to child abductors.
Missing Kids U.K states that an estimated 306,000 reports of missing people are made to the British police every year, majority of which are children and young people under the age of 18. Who knows the real facts???




Through Child Safe we will educate! Knowledge is power, right? So why have we forgot to teach our children about the dangers of child abduction and what they should do if they ever find themselves in that situation. THINK child, THINK safe, is my new educational programme that I'm hoping to roll out to schools soon. It is to raise awareness amongst children to teach them to spot the dangers in their environment and how to act upon those dangers!